Saturday, June 6, 2009


Is it that as always told?
A foolish choice of his own life!!
Is it as they all have told?
A valiant choice of his own life!!

There are vibrant discussions;
Between them who had steadfast;
They both had committed it!!
One by life and one by death!!

Some had preferred the fine art, life;
And ‘committed’ in graph of life!!
They had their own sight for that;
And went on commit day by day;

Some had preferred to surpass life!!
And challenge the impending destine
And ‘committed’ it with brave heart!!
And pout at life with grimacing face;

Dear, I am still confused!!!
What shall I prefer in life?!!
They both argue they are brave;
And imprecate to commit too

I am frightened in the field!!
Where I have to decide at times;
I am scared of battle cries!!
And feel disarmed and dispassionate!!

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