Saturday, June 6, 2009

Palestine Or Israel ?

Oh! Don’t U see the dead bodies?
In lovely land of sacrifice.
Oh I hear the weeping child...
Oh! I hear broken women…

But I cant see where it is..
Is it Palastine ?..or
Is it Israel?..
But they both bleed in same colour
Similar in their life and food.
May B’cause I could not differ
Both at once when I see them.

But I see their broken faces
With a mood of extreme lament
But their eyes were sharp that pierce
As they had something to raise!

Some had to answer that mob dent chase
What for killing innocent us?
Is it because of having symbols?
That chained us when we born at once.

We don’t have a passion for…
Living in a grateful city
But we have only a passion for…
Live and let our children live
In a land of peace and prosper…

Oh dear, can we dream of one such time?
Without the shouts of boots and fire.
Let us hope for such a time?
Though we know it unfeasible.

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