Saturday, June 6, 2009

Our Constitution

On a splendid, sunny day;
Powerful comrade M.N Roy;
Hit and struck by that lightning!
To have her as our own pride!

Bapu, Nehru, all surprised!
To take in such a great design!!
They all joined hands together;
To devise the modus operandi;

They had their heart in their own mouth;
And told it in a chorus sing
You can only have the chair
It is no one but B.R;

Rome not built in single day!
As was also for her too !
Took a 14 left for three years!
To get her origin in this world!

She is famous for her length!!
And own her for incredible land;!
Sovereign, Socialist, and Secular,
The leading democratic, Republic!!

She is powerful and splendid!
And dressed in shining radiant gems!!
Even though she borrowed them;
From her neighbors and her friends;

She rented fundamental rights,
From the federal, United States;
But she was, such adamant
To lack that word ‘the federal’!!

Replicated Great duties;
From her friend, the Great Russian;
She took it from Great Britain’s!!
The potent system, The parliament;

She procured the concurrent list;
From the awesome Australia!!
Canada, the land of Boreal forest
Equipped her with residual powers!

She too had to be revised!
Further and further for survive
Hence she took amend procedure
From the land of Mandela

No one can deny at all!
The powerful, mode of operation!
With articles numbered 444;
And 12 schedules in 22 parts;

Although she was adopted,
In the year of ’49;
She came into sovereign force,
On the Republic day in 50;

She commemorate 60 years!!
After being born in land;
She is still been beautified;
By her glorious amendments!!

I am truly proud of my;
Native land, My India!!
I worship its great passions!
As I being a true Indian!

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