Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giant wheel

Photo by Philip Jacob

As the giant wheel revolves in glee
In the shade of twilight
To outwit the earth's flight
In an unseen axis
for an unknown cause
He in his innocent persistence
To reach the top of that wheel
In a whim to pluck that jade
Playing hide and seek
Always with him in starry nights

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As day breaks
I quench my thirst
to transcript those lines
with a  few simple dots
in the mood of silence

As day passes
I imprint my silence
in black and white
on a piece of white paper
hidden in my heart of magnetic stones
dazzling in vibrant colors.

My Sweetness

Sweet is sugar as tongue could taste
Sweet is breeze as it refresh and chill
Sweet is rain as it quench and fill
But, Sweet is me as you feel so

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nuclear Womb

I hear a river complain the earth

In utmost despair

'Mom... I can't flow anymore

As I babbled ago in womb,

It scares and peeves:

The protruding eyes of those fishes

Live and play within me'

I hear the air, air, her fear

'Mom, I hate to wave those leaves

Welcoming me with a lovely smile

As I am sure will kill their smile

With those waves I hide and bear'.

I hear a tiller, tills his heart

Blaming his fate to have'n born on earth

As he ploughs a land in vain,

Drought as such as his dreams.

I see a mom, squeezing neap pap

To feed her child without one eye,

She souses her heart in sump of tears

To feed a nation by her own.

I hear a forlorn sigh!

Of mother earth in return

As she has nothing else to give

Other than those radiating hot

Nuclear wastes ...

She carries in her womb !

Sandhya S.N

Condemn Nuclear Projects!