Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nuclear Womb

I hear a river complain the earth

In utmost despair

'Mom... I can't flow anymore

As I babbled ago in womb,

It scares and peeves:

The protruding eyes of those fishes

Live and play within me'

I hear the air, air, her fear

'Mom, I hate to wave those leaves

Welcoming me with a lovely smile

As I am sure will kill their smile

With those waves I hide and bear'.

I hear a tiller, tills his heart

Blaming his fate to have'n born on earth

As he ploughs a land in vain,

Drought as such as his dreams.

I see a mom, squeezing neap pap

To feed her child without one eye,

She souses her heart in sump of tears

To feed a nation by her own.

I hear a forlorn sigh!

Of mother earth in return

As she has nothing else to give

Other than those radiating hot

Nuclear wastes ...

She carries in her womb !

Sandhya S.N

Condemn Nuclear Projects!