Saturday, June 6, 2009

I too need you …

What happened to you dear?
To stroll away from me with fear!!
Can’t U see me standing near?
With love U always longed for ever!

I feel rejected in the scene;
And felt that ardent quest in mind;
Why and how it happened so?
To leave me alone and alone!!!

I wept at heart and woke at night;
And arbitrated more at mind ;
Even then I could not find;
A bit of ease to live with fate;

I realize that fizzling pain;
The pain of being desolate!
And it ache me in and out!!
To dispel me from this present!

My legs are feeble and fragile;
To think of even tread a while!
No calliper will make me stride!
Than your candid lovely smile!!

I expect that glitter of love!
More in life to live my life!
So as always you know well!!
That, I too need U in this life!!!

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