Saturday, June 6, 2009

Red Salute

Struggles! Struggles! Struggles!
Red Struggles round the world
For justice, peace and sovereign
From among the marginalised

They joined hands beneath the flag
Revolutionary flag of red regime
Stimulated by those firing speech
Marx, Lenin , Che and Fidel

They strive hard for deprived folks
To free them from their clenching claws
That squeezes them even from core
And rejoice delight for extravagance

They are so called Capitalists
Set for looting resources
In and out from kind mankind
With Evil spell ‘the LPG’

We have kicked them out before
With our tolerant peace struggle
Yet they extend hands towards
To engulf us and digest all

They have spies in central too
And sent them armed with magic spell
They propagate and pronounce the spell
Liberalise, Privatise and Globalise

But, don’t panic my dear at all!

We have self armed brave comrades
Born to die for brave mankind
They provide their last blood drop
And protest for red ideology

We shall join hands together
To live in justice and in peace
Give the sceptre of power
To the left front and allies

Devote your valuable votes to them
And honour them for their effort
And be proud of being together
In the neofreedom struggle

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  1. oru anti-imperialist samaraganam..
    abhivadyangal !