Saturday, August 6, 2011

Giant wheel

Photo by Philip Jacob

As the giant wheel revolves in glee
In the shade of twilight
To outwit the earth's flight
In an unseen axis
for an unknown cause
He in his innocent persistence
To reach the top of that wheel
In a whim to pluck that jade
Playing hide and seek
Always with him in starry nights

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As day breaks
I quench my thirst
to transcript those lines
with a  few simple dots
in the mood of silence

As day passes
I imprint my silence
in black and white
on a piece of white paper
hidden in my heart of magnetic stones
dazzling in vibrant colors.

My Sweetness

Sweet is sugar as tongue could taste
Sweet is breeze as it refresh and chill
Sweet is rain as it quench and fill
But, Sweet is me as you feel so

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nuclear Womb

I hear a river complain the earth

In utmost despair

'Mom... I can't flow anymore

As I babbled ago in womb,

It scares and peeves:

The protruding eyes of those fishes

Live and play within me'

I hear the air, air, her fear

'Mom, I hate to wave those leaves

Welcoming me with a lovely smile

As I am sure will kill their smile

With those waves I hide and bear'.

I hear a tiller, tills his heart

Blaming his fate to have'n born on earth

As he ploughs a land in vain,

Drought as such as his dreams.

I see a mom, squeezing neap pap

To feed her child without one eye,

She souses her heart in sump of tears

To feed a nation by her own.

I hear a forlorn sigh!

Of mother earth in return

As she has nothing else to give

Other than those radiating hot

Nuclear wastes ...

She carries in her womb !

Sandhya S.N

Condemn Nuclear Projects!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My child
With Keen instinctive skills
Folded her white hand kerchief
This way, that way as folio
And shouted

Mom, See the butterfly

Though I saw in her hand
Whiten cloth as if in fold
I saw thousand butterflies
Fluttering flying in its glee
In the garden of her mind
Through her sparkling joyful eyes.


Friday, January 1, 2010

My wish!

A dawn of a new year
With hopes, believes, and those faith
To capture and to conquest those
All that I, wish and will

I wish let that battle not
Pain and fail no one’s will
But could conquer all those hearts
With love and joy that I could hand

Let this dawn could dusk my pains
My throes, my hurts and raven dreams
I wish I could spot my might
To take myself forward and on

Help me, Oh, my dear mate!
To make my ride fruitful and stride
I am sure… I will do that
Since I own your love and warmth


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Love Story

A  Story evolved
Where he stumbled
It drew it tangle
Complex to compact
Poor... She too...
Stuck in the puzzle
Those sonic pictures
In the story
Ravish and reverberate
As if their minds
Those ardent bands
With strands of love
Twined their life
For eternal...


Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Diary

My diary is so sweet and soft
And rimmed fair with rainbow frill
My words are plane and deep from core
And dance with me in glowing glee

Ha! My dancing diary!
I sometimes get burst at thoughts
But sometimes I laugh and dance
It sometimes makes me weep
With lovely words I wrote in past

I don’t need a pen to write
Nor I need a time to write
But I read it bright and right
When I feel and sit for so

I could see those past in mind
In those coloured lovely frames
As if I am amidst them
And feel real as if present

I don’t have a fear at all
As I locked it hard and safe
No one could do steal and read
No one could infer it wrong

Do you know it? Why it is...
How it is? and where it is ?
It is written in my heart
With my heart and for my heart.

Red Salute

Struggles! Struggles! Struggles!
Red Struggles round the world
For justice, peace and sovereign
From among the marginalised

They joined hands beneath the flag
Revolutionary flag of red regime
Stimulated by those firing speech
Marx, Lenin , Che and Fidel

They strive hard for deprived folks
To free them from their clenching claws
That squeezes them even from core
And rejoice delight for extravagance

They are so called Capitalists
Set for looting resources
In and out from kind mankind
With Evil spell ‘the LPG’

We have kicked them out before
With our tolerant peace struggle
Yet they extend hands towards
To engulf us and digest all

They have spies in central too
And sent them armed with magic spell
They propagate and pronounce the spell
Liberalise, Privatise and Globalise

But, don’t panic my dear at all!

We have self armed brave comrades
Born to die for brave mankind
They provide their last blood drop
And protest for red ideology

We shall join hands together
To live in justice and in peace
Give the sceptre of power
To the left front and allies

Devote your valuable votes to them
And honour them for their effort
And be proud of being together
In the neofreedom struggle

The little Boys

I am in that plain
Sooty with red stain
Cloying smell of corpse and blood
The Suffocating smell
The smell of burning flesh

Where am I Transported to?
From the cushion of air conditioned room
I hear the growl, the grunting agony
Who is that? Anybody there?
My yell resonated
And back to my ears…

But I am amidst the spirits
Spirits of the martyrs of that wildness
Saunter around me behold me in hype
Their lenient eyes with ardent quest
Enquired a lot to my soul

“Why and What for they did that?
Brutal fight to innocent us
What did they earn from that?
Nothing but, our ablazing dreams”

The little boy with old fat man
Did Trojan ballet upon us
True man got truly proud
And stood as if he revolves the earth

Poor men! They didn’t knew
They are in baleful battle
Which will demolish not them all
But the entire living kind

I got scared of those truemans
Living around, around the globe
They are in tiring attempts
To make little boys again and again

Dear Martyr spirits!
Wait, wait for me too
I too may join you
When they are behind, the little boys

I am lost and lost!

Oh, the thoughts
As wild, roaring storm
Rolls away and roll out
Through the current and beyond and
Dialect me from the present

Oh! It’s heaving ardent commands
Linked and entangled as an enigma
Sometimes it whisper as feathers
But sometimes shriek as a shrike
And trail me as a wild trout

It act on times as obtrusive child
Petulant to invade the interstellar gem
But I abide and coaxed in rule
And ponder around in its hunt

Alas! Sometimes it chuck me in
A Swinging pendulous frame
And make me footstep, the foxtrot dance
And it celebrate my forlorn phase
As if to test my fortitude

Many a time it takes me to the world
The world of floating clouds and dews
I love to get lost in lovely ride
With fairies and those floating flowers

One can see me in that depth
Floating in monotony
And get lost at merry thoughts
Ha! I am lost and lostand lost...

A betrayed heart!!!

Heart! Heart! Lovely heart
The call of a mercantile
Vicious and wittiest
To sell his golden dazzling hearts

She saw one with a lovely smile
Elegant, smart and sophisticate
She made her mind to grab at once
And struggled to reach first in the crowd

She was asked what she had
She said she had one in hand
Neither smart nor sophisticate
But sincere, loving and caring

Golden heart is damn gorgeous
With feel and talk and touch so cool
Befitting it she enjoyed life
As if she procured dreamland

It was on an April morn
She saw its inner core as black
An atom bomb did exploded
And smashed and washed her sanctity

Alas! Her heart is broken hard
In that devastating blast
But, see her! Fetching wrecked piece
To rejoin and erect her life

Even then she seems sometimes
Arbitrate in deep ardent
But most the time she slump at ground
And crack and weep silent as child

Oh! The Damn betrayal!

Who had really betrayed her?
The golden heart or witty merchant?
Or her fate to get betrayed?
Or is it he or she herself?

She went to market once again
To purchase a ravishing smile
And pasted over her tears
And started betraying herself

Smile remind her the comment
The comment of a Philippine poet
“There is always a weeping heart
Behind every poignant smile”

My Love and my dreams!

Dreams, my pride adhered to me
Now sways as glowing flames
To burn me, the stolid dry twig
As if to revenge and ridicule

The lovely breeze is not so cool
But makes me shiver and shrilling cool
I feel moon blind even noon
And gets scarred of starry nights

I too remind you of her
With hunched head and broken heart
Who? Or whom did made her cry
Still it seems unknown to me

But I know it as the truth
As day light and the sea
It blind my dreamful eyes
And blew out my glowing flames

Even then I steadfast to stand
And have a quest to ask you dear;
Why did you did that so, dear?
What made you think as, so dear?

Colours that roamed I know so bright
And costlier as golden blocks
But dear, don’t you ever felt
My love is brighter and mightier

May be not;
Life will get sure you the truth
That No one can love you so
As I love You in this life


I use to wear it so simply
The radiant armor, my pretty smile
One can see me as warrior
While I wear it brilliantly

I sometimes may conquer hearts
Consent, console and pardon
And sometimes I dagger hearts
And deflagrate the mind too fast

It won’t hide my glowing face
Nor it veil over my wish
But it hides my lurid look
My weeping eyes and face at times

Yet I stick to show my will
Brave and bold and stronger still
Hence I wear the armor! SMILE!
That glows my eyes and fervent heart

Palestine Or Israel ?

Oh! Don’t U see the dead bodies?
In lovely land of sacrifice.
Oh I hear the weeping child...
Oh! I hear broken women…

But I cant see where it is..
Is it Palastine ?..or
Is it Israel?..
But they both bleed in same colour
Similar in their life and food.
May B’cause I could not differ
Both at once when I see them.

But I see their broken faces
With a mood of extreme lament
But their eyes were sharp that pierce
As they had something to raise!

Some had to answer that mob dent chase
What for killing innocent us?
Is it because of having symbols?
That chained us when we born at once.

We don’t have a passion for…
Living in a grateful city
But we have only a passion for…
Live and let our children live
In a land of peace and prosper…

Oh dear, can we dream of one such time?
Without the shouts of boots and fire.
Let us hope for such a time?
Though we know it unfeasible.

I and Herons

I and Herons are alike
Not in our outer crust
But in our awesome thoughts!
In our greedy madly longs

Both are in ascetic mood!
Longing for a great aspire
Don’t U see us looking at?
The clear sky; a lot more time

They are calmly waiting for
The feathery touch of drizzling rain
Which makes them cool and sensitive
Both the in and outward crust

But I am madly waiting for
The warming promises, he gives
Though I feel it neurotic
I will do so as long as
He gets time for me also..


Look, my child is crying
Her soft paws, her dazzling eyes
Her toothless jaws, wander something
I doubt, may be she is hungry
Yes! She is madly hungry

Am I too!
Both my breast and breath
Starve to feed my child
Ha! Sweet starve of a mom
Divine hunger in the world
Procured as a special right
Right from the holy mom

Look, he too is sensitive
His piercing eyes, warming mind
And killing smile, wander something
I doubt, may be he is hungry
Yes! He is madly hungry!
Am I too!

Both my body and mind
Starve hard to feed my dear
Ha! Sweet starve of a buddy
Heavenly hunger in the world
Only I could feed him
What he desire and deserve

Hunger! Wild and wonderful
For me at both times
My role is to feed at times
With me till my death


My child is fond of butterflies
And dances with those little flies;
Whitty, Spotty, tiny flies
And little pretty butterflies;

I too love them seriously
My eyes will fetch them robustly;
To coax and make her eat slightly
With the tales of flies, brightly;

She is fond of my stories
Although they were false stories;
She too dream to fly like them
And play and dance in sky like them;

But I am fond of those flowers;!
Folks which are betrayed by them;
Lived with hearts which killed by them
Or bravely committed death by self;

Don’t u see those lovely flowers?
White and red and blue in colours;
Dancing with the butterflies
As if they had reached their spirit

Look the pride in her sweet face
While she dances in his pace;
She is thrilled in wooing buzz
And stolen gifts of pollen grains;
But, I am sure, she will be deceived;

He is very keen at plans;
To make her part of his own clan
Aiming at her charming juice
To taste it with his pretty stem

Once he had a secure time
After coaxing her at times
To have a taste of her sweet juice
Even if, a bit for the time

She was made is such a time;
To feel pity of his own time
And plainly gave a little time;
To have a zip of sweety time;

Poor bloom!
She is dreaming flying with
Her own flitting fly in sky!!

Look, He looked as if a wicked
To ooze her sweet, all at once
And thank her with his piercing eyes!
And went of with a charming smile!!

Poor bloom!
She is in the anxious mood
Will he come back again?
And take her to his dear clan
And make her fly in sky like him

Oh ! Dear blooms…
Beware of those tiny wicked flies!
Who in search of juicy sweet;
Don’t get trapped in their sweet buzz
Don’t be trapped in their sweet colors;

The Spider and his web

I was walking back to web
In a charming dreamy thought;
I saw him standing beside a tree
With lovely smile which sliced my heart;

His legs are eight that's best for clack
His eyes are bright and sparkling black
No one refute his cute and smart
With gentle look with lovely heart;

I saw him bright as sun so near!
I lost my vision at that sight!
Yet I felt a doubt at mind!
Does he had a web in hand!?

He started courtship lovingly!
With lovely gifts and rocky touch;
I too enjoyed doubtlessly!
Even in some ruthless time

Sometime, I felt it in between;
Does he had a web in hand!?
First he started telling me;
That He felt I were an angel

Dancing in his nighttimes dreams
As one in a fairy tale
Then he adored my sexy look
Which holds him in a magnet field

He even dreamt as a jailbird
Within the Field; for a while
I shall not deny at all,
That I too enjoyed for a while

His silky softy fringing talks
Even in some ruthless time
Then he admired my soft talk
And opined it, as a classic;

Which no one in the world he heard
Talked so classic, as I did
I was proud for a while
And humbly talked in classic style;

Yet I felt a doubt in hand;
Does he had a web in hand!?
I was in a fairy tale;
Listening to his lovely talks;

When I woke I found so clear
I was caught up in his web!
He was madly happy to
Have a magnet in his web
And danced with me in pensive mood
In his pretty fairy mesh

But he forget the deadly truth
That I will kill him after dance
With my lovely hairy claws
And oozes out his juicy blood

Oh dear spiders! Who r lurking with
A lovely web to catch my kind
I have a frantic warn to U, that
Beware the mates of my own kind!!!

I am left, on my own!!!

Was it on a starry night?!!
Was it in a dusky day?!!
I heard a clarion in my heart!!
I heard that whisper soft at heart!!

Here you end this journey, and
Here you start for that destiny
I was thrown out pitilessly;
To a rolling typhoon tunnel;

I was made to crawl and sigh!
To fine-tune with the novel high;
Hardly had I left tunnel;
I was struck by that lightning;

To realise it as my triumph
And struggled hard to let it high
I heard that mumble in my heart
In a soft and sweet voice

As a lovely proclaim to me
Keep on going; U will be fine
Now I have a doubt at heart
U may feel it at my face!!

Am I now a new born babe??!! Or
Am I hearing my death knell??!!
No one can supersede!!
The superpower of that mystery!

Only that could be done!
Is just to face it; that ordeal!!
No one could extend their hands!!
To console or condole me!!

I realise that mystic truth
That, I am left, on my own!!!

Our Constitution

On a splendid, sunny day;
Powerful comrade M.N Roy;
Hit and struck by that lightning!
To have her as our own pride!

Bapu, Nehru, all surprised!
To take in such a great design!!
They all joined hands together;
To devise the modus operandi;

They had their heart in their own mouth;
And told it in a chorus sing
You can only have the chair
It is no one but B.R;

Rome not built in single day!
As was also for her too !
Took a 14 left for three years!
To get her origin in this world!

She is famous for her length!!
And own her for incredible land;!
Sovereign, Socialist, and Secular,
The leading democratic, Republic!!

She is powerful and splendid!
And dressed in shining radiant gems!!
Even though she borrowed them;
From her neighbors and her friends;

She rented fundamental rights,
From the federal, United States;
But she was, such adamant
To lack that word ‘the federal’!!

Replicated Great duties;
From her friend, the Great Russian;
She took it from Great Britain’s!!
The potent system, The parliament;

She procured the concurrent list;
From the awesome Australia!!
Canada, the land of Boreal forest
Equipped her with residual powers!

She too had to be revised!
Further and further for survive
Hence she took amend procedure
From the land of Mandela

No one can deny at all!
The powerful, mode of operation!
With articles numbered 444;
And 12 schedules in 22 parts;

Although she was adopted,
In the year of ’49;
She came into sovereign force,
On the Republic day in 50;

She commemorate 60 years!!
After being born in land;
She is still been beautified;
By her glorious amendments!!

I am truly proud of my;
Native land, My India!!
I worship its great passions!
As I being a true Indian!


Is it that as always told?
A foolish choice of his own life!!
Is it as they all have told?
A valiant choice of his own life!!

There are vibrant discussions;
Between them who had steadfast;
They both had committed it!!
One by life and one by death!!

Some had preferred the fine art, life;
And ‘committed’ in graph of life!!
They had their own sight for that;
And went on commit day by day;

Some had preferred to surpass life!!
And challenge the impending destine
And ‘committed’ it with brave heart!!
And pout at life with grimacing face;

Dear, I am still confused!!!
What shall I prefer in life?!!
They both argue they are brave;
And imprecate to commit too

I am frightened in the field!!
Where I have to decide at times;
I am scared of battle cries!!
And feel disarmed and dispassionate!!

I too need you …

What happened to you dear?
To stroll away from me with fear!!
Can’t U see me standing near?
With love U always longed for ever!

I feel rejected in the scene;
And felt that ardent quest in mind;
Why and how it happened so?
To leave me alone and alone!!!

I wept at heart and woke at night;
And arbitrated more at mind ;
Even then I could not find;
A bit of ease to live with fate;

I realize that fizzling pain;
The pain of being desolate!
And it ache me in and out!!
To dispel me from this present!

My legs are feeble and fragile;
To think of even tread a while!
No calliper will make me stride!
Than your candid lovely smile!!

I expect that glitter of love!
More in life to live my life!
So as always you know well!!
That, I too need U in this life!!!

Cheer up with your loving hearts!

I heard that weeping feeble tone
From your heart that sound me hard
As if from a broken heart
And haunt me still now in my heart

Don’t worry my dear at all
In this matter of real care
No one could ever erase
The true love lay at your own heart

Relationships are sure, difficult
To mount and maintain in the life
As they always chains up with
Those societal norms and rules

Think it as it, in process
Towards the state of equilibrium
Well! it goes on and transform
To make it stable and optimal

I am sure of that one thing
You won’t lose her not at all
As I know that you two have
Love that never apart at all

Face it with a lovely heart
And cheer it with your lovely smile
Is that always what we can…
May be best and most suitable…

Is n’t She, the real martyr!

She looked defunct in her way
As if stood in, scaffold plane
She holds her one year lad in hand
With a sack of dismantled dreams

She is the victim and the prey!
The helpless lady of martyr!
He is the successor and the sufferer
The poor kid of our martyr!

She is sightless and mightless
To have a look at hosted flags
But leaders are intent intact
To express mourn in this peak time

The hike time! The fire time!
The time of poor martyrs!
To be created to exploit!
And celebrate for their own great reign!

She felt strange and ignorant
Of whom they pomp and bemoan
But she knew only that prime fact
He was life and world so far

They go on inflated speech
To describe who was he to them.
She could only scorn at them
With her mettle temperament

Alas! at sight of poor kid
Struggling for her bleeding teat;
She could not resist her;
And broke herself and flowed though eyes

She is called with unlike names
As and when a martyr born
But she seemed have similar thoughts
And hopeless fates that dismay life

Who had disfigured her life?
Is it me and you together?
Or those who had sliced her dear?
Or the need and greed of power?


Attitudes are sure heroes
In the field of relations.
It is he who shapes and wipes
And bridle smart the human life

I heard that hail and haul me hard
To change it as and when required
I trained myself to change it fine
But I succumb in most the time.

Attitudes differ at times
Even to my mom and dad
It vary to kid and kin
And to friends and relatives

It perturb my tuft of thoughts
Even in my solitude
What to do and how to do
To change those sundry attitudes

I perceived to unfurl it
To distinguish it’s positive
I found duplex caprice dance
In circumventing circumstance

It found as hard nut to crack
As and when I tried in life
And felt tired as a jade, and
My hood and hoof are both damaged.

I feel myself sympathetic
And desired to honour the beck and call
The call of hero, the circumstance
And go on till then as weird.