Saturday, June 6, 2009

I am left, on my own!!!

Was it on a starry night?!!
Was it in a dusky day?!!
I heard a clarion in my heart!!
I heard that whisper soft at heart!!

Here you end this journey, and
Here you start for that destiny
I was thrown out pitilessly;
To a rolling typhoon tunnel;

I was made to crawl and sigh!
To fine-tune with the novel high;
Hardly had I left tunnel;
I was struck by that lightning;

To realise it as my triumph
And struggled hard to let it high
I heard that mumble in my heart
In a soft and sweet voice

As a lovely proclaim to me
Keep on going; U will be fine
Now I have a doubt at heart
U may feel it at my face!!

Am I now a new born babe??!! Or
Am I hearing my death knell??!!
No one can supersede!!
The superpower of that mystery!

Only that could be done!
Is just to face it; that ordeal!!
No one could extend their hands!!
To console or condole me!!

I realise that mystic truth
That, I am left, on my own!!!

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