Saturday, June 6, 2009

Cheer up with your loving hearts!

I heard that weeping feeble tone
From your heart that sound me hard
As if from a broken heart
And haunt me still now in my heart

Don’t worry my dear at all
In this matter of real care
No one could ever erase
The true love lay at your own heart

Relationships are sure, difficult
To mount and maintain in the life
As they always chains up with
Those societal norms and rules

Think it as it, in process
Towards the state of equilibrium
Well! it goes on and transform
To make it stable and optimal

I am sure of that one thing
You won’t lose her not at all
As I know that you two have
Love that never apart at all

Face it with a lovely heart
And cheer it with your lovely smile
Is that always what we can…
May be best and most suitable…

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