Saturday, June 6, 2009

I am lost and lost!

Oh, the thoughts
As wild, roaring storm
Rolls away and roll out
Through the current and beyond and
Dialect me from the present

Oh! It’s heaving ardent commands
Linked and entangled as an enigma
Sometimes it whisper as feathers
But sometimes shriek as a shrike
And trail me as a wild trout

It act on times as obtrusive child
Petulant to invade the interstellar gem
But I abide and coaxed in rule
And ponder around in its hunt

Alas! Sometimes it chuck me in
A Swinging pendulous frame
And make me footstep, the foxtrot dance
And it celebrate my forlorn phase
As if to test my fortitude

Many a time it takes me to the world
The world of floating clouds and dews
I love to get lost in lovely ride
With fairies and those floating flowers

One can see me in that depth
Floating in monotony
And get lost at merry thoughts
Ha! I am lost and lostand lost...

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