Tuesday, February 2, 2010


My child
With Keen instinctive skills
Folded her white hand kerchief
This way, that way as folio
And shouted

Mom, See the butterfly

Though I saw in her hand
Whiten cloth as if in fold
I saw thousand butterflies
Fluttering flying in its glee
In the garden of her mind
Through her sparkling joyful eyes.


Friday, January 1, 2010

My wish!

A dawn of a new year
With hopes, believes, and those faith
To capture and to conquest those
All that I, wish and will

I wish let that battle not
Pain and fail no one’s will
But could conquer all those hearts
With love and joy that I could hand

Let this dawn could dusk my pains
My throes, my hurts and raven dreams
I wish I could spot my might
To take myself forward and on

Help me, Oh, my dear mate!
To make my ride fruitful and stride
I am sure… I will do that
Since I own your love and warmth