Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Love and my dreams!

Dreams, my pride adhered to me
Now sways as glowing flames
To burn me, the stolid dry twig
As if to revenge and ridicule

The lovely breeze is not so cool
But makes me shiver and shrilling cool
I feel moon blind even noon
And gets scarred of starry nights

I too remind you of her
With hunched head and broken heart
Who? Or whom did made her cry
Still it seems unknown to me

But I know it as the truth
As day light and the sea
It blind my dreamful eyes
And blew out my glowing flames

Even then I steadfast to stand
And have a quest to ask you dear;
Why did you did that so, dear?
What made you think as, so dear?

Colours that roamed I know so bright
And costlier as golden blocks
But dear, don’t you ever felt
My love is brighter and mightier

May be not;
Life will get sure you the truth
That No one can love you so
As I love You in this life

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